How to Make a Website

Learn how to make a website, blog, or forum online. Free information, tips, articles, and tutorials to help you build a successful website.

On this site you can learn step-by-step how to build and manage a successful website, blog, or website forum. This site’s mission is to help any novice beginner create a website, and then learn tips to build content, seo and market their website, and more.

Whether you want to create a simple website for your professional practice, start a blog, sell retail products, or create a content website or forum, then this tutorial can help you develop your very own website.

In addition to providing tips and tutorials on making a website, I have also added some essential tools, including some neat HTML codes that you can use to spruce up your blogs, websites, or templates. In addition, I have some free auction templates that you can use for eBay, Craigslist,, and other sites that allow you to enter raw HTML into your web site.

You will also find some “Free eBooks” that I wrote myself. I used to charge money for these when I originally wrote them, but I decided to make them available on the site for free. I also have several blogging tips (since I do run a full-time business creating websites and blogs), and I also have some other random tips & tutorials on various topics.

I hope you find this website useful, and if you do, I would greatly appreciate you adding this to your “favorites,” and also any links to pages  you think are worthy from your own sites or blogs would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to browse this site for useful stuff using some of the most popular sections below. You may also want to check out some of my other blogs if you like what you see here.

  • Create a Website (Introduction)–This begins the main tutorial on creating websites. Learn the technical details, as well as the secrets and tips to create a successful website.

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